Tuesday, 5 November 2013

What We Wore: A's Transitional Style

A wears // hat: Topman // coat: charity shop // scarf: La Redoute // jumper: charity shop // jeans: Topshop Boutique // boots: Dr Martens //

As a Skittle (body shape - find out more on our website) I find it inordinately difficult to find jeans that look remotely good on me.  Baggy jeans were a staple of the glorious grunge trend of the 90's, and I thank my sartorial stars that this trend is having a resurgence.  Baggy jeans, when worn right, serve to mask the imbalance of my hips, and accentuate my slim top half.  They work especially well to accommodate one of my footwear favourites, my lovely Dr Martens.  

On this bright Autumn day, I paired my denim with another 90's classic, a boxy cashmere jumper, which is a beautiful Gerald Darell number from a charity shop.  I then armoured myself against the crisp weather with my new charity shop coat, the smartness of which nicely contrasts with the scruffiness of the jeans.  Then threw on my trusty old mustard scarf and beanie hat.

This outfit works especially well with my Autumn skin tone, being a blend of muted, Autumnal colours, namely mustard, chocolate, and the yellow grey colour of the coat.

Transitional dressing can be tricky, but I'm discovering a great, lightweight coat can make all the difference.  And this season, there is a veritable treasure trove of coats to be had on the high street!

What are you wearing this Autumn/ Winter?

A x

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