Wednesday, 27 November 2013

WWW: Another Birmingham Wardrobe Adventure

I am not one who future plans well. For the important things like gigs, holidays or Christmas I'm alright, but even then, when it comes to outfit planning I am awful. After 6 months of R~A~J~E descending on the city of Birmingham every 3rd/4th Saturday of the month you think I'd learn. But alas, I do not. So my WWW outfit today is another example of a 5:30am, groping around in the dark, panic outfit. 
Luckily, and pretty incredibly, at 5:34am I had a brainwave of inspiration from one of my previous emergency outfits (remember that time I was forced to shop 'cause I was stranded in central London?)

What We Wore by J

Skirt, belt + Cardigan: H&M // T-shirt: BDG, Urban Outfiters // Hat: UKMADE Topshop // Shoes: Office 

J x

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