Saturday, 21 December 2013



Its official, Christmas is just around the corner and us RAJErs have gone all christmassy, so here's a bit of a run down incase you missed any of our christmas themed posts this week:

A shares her tips on how she's approached Christmas with a little more thought behind her consumerism

E's festive pins of the week, including some gorgeous Christmas nail art

I shared my ambitious craft wishlist for this festive season

and if you're a bit christmas-ed out, never fear, R is here to give you a break from all the twinkling lights and jingle bells with her thoughts on the ever opinionated Yummy Mummy Vs Career Woman debate.

This time of year has a tendency of being a bit full on, personally I'm using this horrible London weather to keep me locked up in the house with a refillable teapot and many a blog to read. I'm calling it the calm before the excitement storm, hoping you all have a chance to do the same!

J x

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