Thursday, 5 December 2013

Choosing The Right Wedding Dress

Struggling to choose the dress for your wedding day? Unengaged but already panicking about getting the wedding look wrong? R gives some sage big day frock advice. 

I did a post not long ago about Wedding Dos and Don'ts which while slightly silly is full of genuine advice from an overused wedding guest. Today I'm going to continue in a similar vain but focusing on one, momentous, wonderful and important part of the day. The dress. The one you've imagined in your head for years, the one that will cost more then your first car, the one that's supposed to make your mum cry and husband think "I'm marrying the most beautiful woman in the world". No pressure then hey?

Dresses are all about opinion, it totally depends on the type of wedding you're having and your personal style. Saying that, there are a few cardinal dress sins I'm going to highlight, they may sound obvious but you would be shocked by the amount of times I've seen these!

- Check your knickers (Think CYK)

You really do not want VPL on your wedding day, they may not say it but everyone will notice it. There will also that moment of drawing comprehension when you look at the photos. Just don't do it. If you're dress is tight or loose and silky you're in the high risk category so for goodness sake buy a thong and wear a slip. 

- Match your face to your body 

You've got your dress sorted, shoes bought and even a necklace is on it's way. So what are you gonna do with your hair and makeup? "Oh well so and so is training to be a make up artist so they're gonna come vied and help out". NO. You're makeup and hairstyle should take as much thought if not more than your dress, and remember, it has to work with your dress. Don't have a vintage lace dress with a modern colour block make up look for example. Go to a makeup counter and get them to try different looks, take photos of each one, go home and think about it and look at it with your dress. Then you can buy the products and get your makeup artist friend to do it, but only then!

- Choose the right colour 

So you haven't ever worn white before, suddenly you are planning on spending your wedding day dressed head to toe in it. If you don't already wear white there's a good chance it's because it doesn't suit you. In that case why not try another wedding appropriate colour like cream or pale gold? If you're unsure as to your skin tone then you can visit our website and read all about it. Or if you would like, book a consultancy day with us. Just email 

-Don't wear a jacket/stole/cardigan

I understand that saying that to brides most likely getting married in cold England may seem a little unfair but I beg you, plan your day so you're not outside enough to need any sort of cover up. For the simple reason that they literally never look good, they only detract from the dress. Plus, how much warmer do they really make you? A silk dress in England is a bit of a lost cause with or without a faux fur capelet no?

- Do trust your instincts

Try not to be overwhelmed by the vast choice and array of styles in a dress shop. It can be so easy to loose sight of your natural style and the way you love to dress. Go with what you know and love and stay within your own safe hands. 

* I make no apology for the gratuitous wedding dress photos. They-are-just-so-BEAUTIFUL. 

R x

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