Friday, 20 December 2013

E's Christmas Pins Of The Week

Now, correct me if I'm wrong but I've heard some of you say you're just not feeling festive yet? Well here are 3 things I recommend you do to get you feeling Christmassy head to toe.

1) Paint your nails, glitter should feature but I maybe try something a little more difficult for a change, nothings too dressy for Christmas! 

Find them all on our 'RAJE blames the crackle' board

2) If you haven't already, decorate the house! There's nothing like a real Christmas tree and fairy lights to keep you going through the dark winter nights.

However big or small, it will get you in the festive mood, I promise.

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3) Wear something festive!

Or even better, dress up your little one to look super cute

Pinned on my 'E' Board.

So make sure you're getting all RAJEdesigns latest! I hope this post has got you feeling more festive!

E x

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