Thursday, 12 December 2013

E's Pins of The Week

Our resident photographer and keen 'pinner', E, has selected the cream of the crop from Pinterest this week to share just with us.

My pins of this week have all turned out to be rather seasonal - cosy, warm, and glitzy! Have a look and see what's inspired me this week...

Pinned from Man Made DIY

I love discovering new ideas for interior decoration; I can't ever go without one inside inspiration!

Pinned from Splash Of Something

I'm always looking for different ways to wrap my presents, more often than not I don't have time to try them out, but the looking counts right?

Pinned from Aunt Peaches

I want this fridge; plain and simple! Also, those cupboards next to it are rather tasty! It's a neat little blog post on how to make appliances a lot less boring; this fridge has been wallpapered and it looks great. 

nail art

Now on to the more glitzy of the pins; half moon glittery nails.  I keep trying out different variations of this. It's quite difficult to do it free hand, so any bright ideas - let me know! Also as soon as it's December I have a tendency to put glitter on EVERYTHING.

Pinned from Sweet Paul Magazine

A week doesm't go by without a bit of food envy! This looks deliciously warming and wintery. Parsnip soup is definitely one of my favourites. 

Pinned from Fab

I'm not usually a fan of orange, especially wearing it, but this would be quite a nice accent piece, don't you think?

Pinned from Anthropologie

I simply fell in love. 

Pinned from Briita Nickel

I always dress too casually but this quote is great. I mean what's the harm in over dressing? You look great, oh how annoying….(!)

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E x

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