Monday, 2 December 2013

Five Affordable Beauty Superstars

This post will introduce five affordable beauty superstars I've recently fallen in love with. From Collection 2000 to Loreal, all of the High St favourites are there - perfect for a beauty girl on a budget (we've all been there!). 

From wearing makeup almost from the word go, pouring over beauty pages every month and reading as many beauty blogs as I have time for I have amassed quite the repertoire of beauty recommendations. While a lot of what I use is bank breakingly expensive I have discovered a group of fail safe beauty products that are purse friendly and very effective. Anyway, I wouldn't want to be selfish with my discoveries, after all, they're mostly other peoples good ideas!

1) Collection 2000 Concealer

Collection 2000 Concealer

You will have to try this to believe it, but it is honestly fantastic. Up until trying this product I have been a stalwart Mac Studio Fix concealer user, but after trying the ridiculously cheap Collection number I think I've switched permanently! It goes on easily and provides instant coverage, no layers needed!

Selling points:

- Easy wand application
- Pale enough shade for my ghost face
- Stays in place well
- £4.19
- Buy it here

2) Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Mascara

Maybelline Volum Express Mascara

I'm starting to think that maybe mascara is more about personal taste - while I understand all makeup is - it seems like people want very different things from mascara. I want a chunky brush, I want a deep dark black and I want instant oomph from the first stroke. I'm not one for these 'natural look' mascaras - life's too short! From the moment I tried Maybelline Volum Express I was hooked. The only mascara I've found that betters it is Benefits 'They're Real' which while fantastic is only a smidgen more fantastic, so I would rather save the pennies! 

Selling points:

- Fat, sturdy wand
- Deep, dark black colour
- Very little clumping 
- Stays in place well 
- £7.19
- Buy it here

3) Loreal Paris Colour Riche 235

Loreal Paris Colour Riche

A couple of months ago I went on the hunt for a nude lipstick to see me through Autumn. I wanted one that I could apply all day so it had to have a high moisture factor. I also wanted to be able to confidently slick it on without a mirror so it had to be easy to apply! After much hunting I stumbled across this Loreal one. Loreal isn't my first choice for anything so it was more out of desperation that I looked at the counter. After swatching 235 I realised that the colour was just right, just a shade darker than my natural lips and the formula felt soft too. Throwing caution to the wind I bought one then and there and I've worn it nearly everyday since. 

Selling points:

- Very moisturising 
- Smells lovely 
- No build up residue
- Wide selection of nude colours 
- £7.99
- Buy it here

4) Rimmel Eyeshadow Paint

Rimmel Eyeshadow Paint

Now this is definitely one I read on a blog (I can't remember which!) and thought 'really?!'. As they're pretty cheap I decided to give one a go and if the worst came to the worst it would just be useful as a review blog post. However, as soon as I spread this light but creamy formula onto my eye I was hooked. The formula glides on easily creating either a gorgeous base or a great stand alone colour. I ran back to Boots the next day to buy another one! 

Selling points:

- Easy to apply
- Stays in place well 
- Great buildable colours 
- £4.99
- Buy it here

5) No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder

No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder

Now this really is a superstar product! I used to use Mac StudioFix powder which is excellent but I needed to cut back on spending in at least some areas of my beauty regime so I decided to hunt for a more affordable alternative. After reading positive reviews I tried Rimmel Stay Matte which is certainly cheap but it's also not very good. It stays on for all of about 20 minutes, it transfers hideously and it leaves you looking too 'done'. Making good use of my No7 voucher I decided to try their version instead and my-oh-my is it lovely. Velvet soft, very mattifying and stays looking 'just applied' for hours. I will be buying this again with or without a voucher!

Selling points:

- Super soft feel
- Good range of pale shades
- Stays in place well
- Pot lasts for a long time
- £11.50
- Buy it here

On my tighter months, for travel or for my secondary makeup bag these products are real life, and money, savers!

R x

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