Friday, 6 December 2013

Garment Spotlight: Dream On

Continuing our Garment Spotlight posts today we are looking at the Dream On dress - one of our best sellers. J talks us through the thought behind this deisng and why it works so well. 

I love the silhouette that is created by a simple over sized t-shirt tucked into a tight pencil skirt. Maybe it was something about the extremities of volume or the clean lines, whatever it was it was, this inspiration created behind the Dream On dress.

We echoed the panelling of the Dark Knight across the top half of the dress and incorporated the bow inspired shape. This particular pattern cutting detail is present throughout the whole Adventure collection. The back has a wider, misaligned expanse of the beautiful Fantastic and Freakish print. This print was inspired by ancient maps on which you can see playful penguins and wind making silly faces, we recreated this in a purple hue that matches the main jersey colour and makes a bold statement.

The silk panels on the back balances out bottom heavy body shapes like a Skittle or Pear as it broadens their smallest parts. This volume, married with the nipped waist line, means that it also doesn't hide the tiny waist that Skittles have - win win! It also means that it suits those with Hourglass shapes too.

The use of volume makes it great for more balanced shapes too,
 for example Column. The tight skirt shows off their fantastic long legs, while the volumous top half and wide neck shape line up with the waist to add shape to the straight up and down silhouette. The T-shirt detail of this dress means it's perfect as a day-to-night outift - I love this about it. 

This piece creates harmony in our collection as it is a gateway style between the T-shirt uni-sexi line and our women's collection.

Click the link for further information about Dream On.
Available to order on our website and Etsy in sizes Small, Medium and Large, £60.

J x

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