Monday, 30 December 2013

R~A~J~E New Year's Resolutions

The R~A~J~E girls explain their New Year's Resolutions and why they're doing them. Have you dedicated yourself to any yet? Maybe these will inspire you...

Christmas is done and dusted and I'm holding on to my last few days off work where I can fall asleep on the sofa at 6pm, get up late to a breakfast of poached eggs and bacon and generally be a massive slob. Sigh, the pleasures of the festive season! It's around this time that I also start to solidify my New Year's resolutions. For someone who relishes a challenge (see Vegan Challenge, Sugar Challenge, Exercise Challenge) I am surprisingly bad at keeping resolutions. I think it's the fact that they last a whole YEAR - that's a long time! To tackle my lack of resolve I am going to make my resolutions into life style changes, things that I want to work towards anyway, but now I just really have to.

I am going to see 2014 as a year of working on myself - body, spirit and soul. With that in mind, here are my resolutions:

1) Only buy ethical clothing

"Ethical including high quality clothing that avoids fast fashion, vintage clothing, up-cycling and UK made items. It's very difficult to shop ethically and stylishly but this year I'm going to stop making excuses and giving into the High St. I will consider my purchases, spend more for a better product and begin curating the perfect (meaning beautifully both aesthetically and morally) wardrobe."

2) Quit sugar 6/7 days a week

"I've done a 30 day Sugar Challenge before and have never felt so brilliant. So why wouldn't I want to feel like that all year round? I am allowing fresh fruit and honey and maple syrup in small quantities. The one day off is for sanity's sake and rules will be flexed if, for example, it's my birthday! My Favourite is joining me with this resolution which could be interesting!"

3) Exercise every weekday with a focus on Yoga

"After my 30 Day Exercise Challenge I've realised that there's no such thing as being too busy to exercise, so, unless I'm ill or on holiday I will be exercising every weekday as a minimum. I am also going to join hot yoga again (in February once all the flakes have given up)."

J, A and E are also entering the new year with intent. Here are their New Year's resolutions:

1) Improve shopping habits

"In a nutshell I am going to buy less and eat better. Cutting out Tesco, I am going to commit to buying free-range, organic and better food options for the environment, me and the animals." 

2) Get back on the Clean and Lean wagon

"After an indulgent December it's time I got back on board with the clean and lean way."

1) Consistently reply to messages, emails and missed calls

" I am notoriously flaky. In this modern age it's all too easy to be glued to our mobile devices. Sometimes, understandably I think, I like to leave my phone at home and be mysterious and aloof. However, this means I return to a mass of calls and texts that I then feel too overwhelmed to reply to. Hence the flaky reputation. So, while I'm not going to totally stop going "offline"; I AM going to be better at replying. Life is about balance and not replying is just rude."

2) Remember more dates

"I forget birthdays a lot, which is pretty rubbish for said birthday people. Next year I'm going to write them all down in advance and set reminders so I stop forgetting and being a horrible human."

3) Go easy on myself and stop feeling guilty

"This is advice that I hear a lot. I feel guilty at the drop of a hat, in nearly every circumstance. I've been told that this exhausting response to things is fruitless and leads to wrinkles so I'm going to cut it out. My main source of guilt is not spending enough time with family and friends so I'm going to focus on achieving balance and ensuring time spent with them is quality time." 

1) Shop more ethically

"Along with R and A I am going to dedicate the year ahead to shopping more ethically and limiting my purchases to ones with heart and a social conscience."

2) Write to my grandma more

"This is a more personal once inspired after spending more time with the lovely lady over Christmas." 

We would love to hear what your resolutions are! Tweet them over.

R x

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