Sunday, 29 December 2013

R's Christmas Highlights

R shares visual moments from her family filled festive season. 

I am one of those people that gets a bit silly about Christmas. I absolutely love it! My parents do the best Christmas ever (and it's not just me that says that!) and as a family we all get on incredibly well, relax with each other and create a sort of festive glow that I look forward to all year round. This year was as good as always and made that bit more special by my lovely Favourite joining us once again. 

Here are some photo highlights of my festive season this year, they are few and far between as I was often too busy drinking mulled wine/filling my face with panettone/eating venison to take photos. 

Work Christmas do outfit // Advent envelopes filled with chocolate made for my Favourite // Advent candle // A close up of a colourful Christmas purchase from UO (WWW coming soon) // Making Christmas cards // Christmas mantra // Wrapping presents // Making cinnamon sugar presents // Opening our first present. 

Stocking time // Christmas scarves // Chocolate panettone // Christmas smells  - oranges, cloves and mulled wine // Baking banana bread and a yule log // Christmas skype with J // Beautiful decorations // Christmas wallpaper // Blazing fire // Presents! 

I am very sad that Christmas is over, on the 27th we packed up and my brain started to re-engage and create todo lists again etc. But the great thing is that after a blissful week with family and friends I have renewed energy and grace for the year ahead. 

R x

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