Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Surving Life At 23

As I verge ever closer to my 'mid twenties' I reflect and advise on the ins-and-outs of becoming a polite (pah) young lady.

Right so, you're going to have to bear with me as I pull a Carrie Bradshaw on you and ponder a little. 

I am three years into my 20's and, wonderful as they have been, they have also flown by at a rate of knots. When I look at where I was and who I was at 18 and where I am and who I am at 23 it's quite shocking to see how much has changed. So, I have condensed what I've learnt (through trial and much error) about becoming a young woman in the hope that you lot can do it with a bit more grace than me!

How to survive life at 23:

  • Start using an eye cream - seriously, do it now
  • Wear SPF everyday, now is the time to start protecting your skin - I wear factor 50 every day
  • Experiment with your makeup look, what you did at 18 may not be what actually looks good 
  • Find what clothes really work on your body - it's only recently I discovered the power of the trouser
  • Know your taste and invest in key pieces - it's now that you can curate a wardrobe that will see you stylishly through the rest of your life
  • Surround yourselves with good, honest, straightforward people and ditch the rest - life is seriously too short for insecure poisonous people 
  • If you don't already, then learn to love coffee and wine, they are staples of all 20 somethings meet ups
  • Get serious about your career - if at 23 you're not already on the ladder then, erm, why not? 
  • Don't feel the uterus pressure. You know that look from your grandmother or your happily impregnated friends? Ignore it, it may not be your time and it certainly doesn't have to be

Perhaps most importantly of all, know how fantastic you are and own it. It's taken me a while to be able to look in the mirror and truly love what I see, to have the complete and utter confidence needed to speak my mind. But it's finally happened and MAN, does it feel good!

Now, for a touch of inspiration here are some rather wonderful 23 year olds:

I'll report back at 25 and let you know if the quarter life crisis has hit yet...

R x

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