Thursday, 19 December 2013

Things I Never Get to Complete at Christmas

J laments a lack of time for Christmas crafts and shows us what she would do, if time allowed it!

I have many grand plans for the Christmas season, being of the crafty persuasion I get pretty excited about all cutting, sticking and glitter. Alas, THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH TIME! What really happens is I end up in the middle of January with half made bits and pieces scattered across my flat.

This year I've decided to admit defeat and not even attempt to start anything, instead I'm going to give you guys ideas so you can go off and get creating!

1) Make an advent calendar

Such a wonderful concept! And I know many people who do this, I can only assume they have super powers. Found this lovely site which has some unusual ones to try.

2) Make my own Christmas cards AND send them

Numerous years have come and gone and left a scattering of half completed Christmas cards in their wake, there's just something lovely about being able to make and send a Christmas card. The one below came from this site.

3) Bake something christmassy and delicious to take into work

Yep, call me Delia Smith or Martha Stewart, but I've always liked the idea of being one of those people who bake for the sake of baking and not in some blind panic cause I said I would and forgot. Don't these lovely truffles look a TREAT?

Have I inspired anyone to try their hand at a Christmas craft? If so, please send me pictures!

J x

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