Monday, 16 December 2013

Yummy Mummy Vs Career Woman

R address the Yummy Mummy Vs Career Woman debate with some trepidation and a lot of opinion. 

I'm writing this post with a slight sense of hesitation as it addresses two incredibly feisty, proud groups of people. However, I'm going to throw caution to the wind and dive straight in..

Yummy Mummy's - I think you miss out on the feeling of achieving success in a career and the personal development and benefits that come with that

Career Women - I think you miss out on doing, or compromising on, arguably the greatest thing a woman can do and also sacrifice progressing your nurturing, intuitive side. 

Now, before I get sent endless defensive messages let me first point out that I have, in some way, been on both sides. I have done a lot of childcare, with several happy Godchildren and lots of experience working as a full time nanny I know the score with childcare. I know how rewarding it is, how important it is and also how flipping hard it is. Every tried to cheer a child up who is teething, has a cold and constipation? No? Then you haven't had a hard day! 

On the flip side I run my own ethical fashion company while also working as a full time copywriter and doing further freelance fashion writing on the side. I absolutely love working and being part of the fashion industry, I am determined to break £30k by the time I'm 30 and I hope to be incredibly successful - in fact, I plan on it. I think the rewards of pushing yourself at work are endless and I also think that women are never going to break the glass ceiling or see any progress in how our sex is viewed by society if we carry on playing the same roles the same way. 

Now let me clarify, what I'm not asking for here is a "one is more impressive than another" conclusion. What I am asking for is, a little understanding, a little respect and maybe even a little progress from both groups. This comes from me seeing so much artillery being chucked by women at each other on social media or even face to face if they are focusing on a part of their lives that the other isn't. And frankly, it's ridiculous. 

Yummy Mummy's - Career Women are also doing important jobs, some as hard and as impressive as you - they are battling severe prejudice for the bettering of our sex.

Career Women - Yummy Mummy's are doing as hard and as impressive a job as you - they are raising the next generation. 

My personal approach is that I plan on reaching a level of success where I can demand a flexible schedule and afford childcare. While I may have to compromise and loose a day a week with my child, I will make sure they benefit from the experience I gain at work and better lifestyle because of it. This is my personal approach, it may not be the best but it's the way I am going to try. Because isn't that all we can do, try and reconcile the things we expect of ourselves? I expect to be a fantastic mother, and I expect to have a successful career. Can I do both? I don't know. The important thing is I am determined to try both because I demand to see a decrease in women thinking it's one or the other. 

Ladies, we are famed for, who's up for it?

R x

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