Friday, 31 January 2014

5 Skincare Superstars

Not so long ago I did a list called 5 affordable beauty superstars, and this is in a similar vain. You'll notice I haven't included affordable in the title this time and that's because some of the products would, by a lot of budgets, be stretching the limit. I tried to think of 5 skincare products I use and love that would count as affordable - but I couldn't. This isn't because I'm a product snob, I cringe at the amount of money I spend. But I think skincare is one of the most important things we can invest in (time with friends and a healthy diet being up there too!). 

The range of affordable makeup is much better, but skincare - even if you can't tell instantly that the cheap products aren't working then unfortunately you will in a few years time (when age isn't on your side anymore). I see the money I spend on these products as an investment into looking after my body for the future. I plan on ageing gracefully and having soft, supple skin until a ripe old age is a key part of that!

So without anymore rambling or justification, here are five skincare products that are hands down fantastic. 

1) Kiehls sun cream £31
I wear this everyday (after moisturiser, before primer) and I absolutely love it. It's unlike any other sun cream in that it's really light and sinks into your skin instantly. I'm sure you all know how incredibly important it is to wear sun protection every day, most people assume I do it because I'm so pale but everybody needs too, even you fortunate golden skinned out there. While it is pricey you only need to use a little bit and so one tube lasts for ages. I'm half way through mine and I've been using it for over 5 months. 

2) Lush Eau Roma Toning Water £7.50
Actually - this one is affordable! Hurrah! Toning is another step in the skincare routine that a lot of people miss out but it's so important not to. When my last bottle ran out it took me a few weeks to replace it and man did I notice the difference! This toner smells amazing and a little goes a long way. It keeps my skin soft, super clean and very bright - I'm sold. 

3) No7 protect and perfect eye cream £11.99
I started using eye cream everyday at the grand old age of 23 and boy did I get teased by my friends, but do I care? No. I will be the one laughing at their laughter lines! Not really, but you get my meaning. This eye cream is sort of affordable, it's definitely affordable if you have a No7 voucher! It's a light creamy texture that glides smoothly onto skin and you wake up with super soft skin which get provides a better base for eye makeup. I only use it at night, when I hit 30 maybe I'll up it to twice a day! 

4) Coconut Oil £4.59 
I've been cooking with coconut oil for ages now (it's very clean and lean!), but it's only in the past couple of months I've started to use it as a face mask. Before I go any further, please use an organic version - especially for plastering onto your face! Anyway, by simply melting a pea sized amount of oil into your hand and massing it into you cleansed face before bed you wake up with the softest, brightest, smoothest skin imaginable. Also great for any break-outs!

5) Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate £36
This is one of those cult products that doesn't really need any further hyping. But I will say that MAN OH MAN it is good. It glides on while releasing a delicious, sleep enhancing scent. With just a couple of drops my face feels instantly soothed and smoothed. The next morning it is like stroking a baby's bottom. 

R x

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