Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A's Wedding What We Wore

As an antidote to this horrid Winter weather, A casts her mind back to a July wedding and what she wore in those hazy Summer days.

The event was the first of my university weddings, so I was determined to find an outfit that was both stunning; cool enough to bear the mid-Summer heat (remember that); and comfortable enough to dance the night away (for old time's sake).  

This time Topshop Boutique came up trumps with a pure silk khaki shift: cool in the heat and chic to boot.  Topshop Boutique is one of my favourite brands to shop of late, most of it being made in the UK, so I am confident that while I am still lining the pockets of Sir Green, the people that make the clothes are getting a fair wage and working in decent conditions.  I then paired this oh-so-simple shift with my trusty Limited Collection colour-block kitten heels and a statement hat.  And for the record, this is not just any ginormous, have to stand at least a foot away from anyone else hat, oh no, this is an M&S ginormous, have to stand at least a foot away from anyone else hat.

A's Wedding What We Wore

A's Wedding What We Wore

A wears // hat; lace vest; and shoes: M&S // dress: Topshop Boutique // watch: Michael Kors // bag and scarf: vintage //

...I later learned the hard way about dry cleaning drink stains out of silk dresses.

A x

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