Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A's WWW: Luxury Must be Comfortable

A revels in discovering and getting comfortable in her own style and dissects one of her go-to outfits. 

Coco Chanel once commented that "luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury" and I heartily agree.  Never one for tottering in heels too high, holding my breath to squeeze into jeans too tight, or any other such punishing method of looking good; I am a firm believer in being comfortable.  After many years spent discovering my own personal style (otherwise known as 'growing up' and 'being a woman') and the countless disasters and heartaches that go with it, I am now a lot (not 100%) more confident in who I am, and what my style is.  I dress now, in clothes that make me feel like me, in clothes I am comfortable in, and That. Feels. Great.  Having also had ample time to get to know my body, and how it behaves in clothes, I am now better than ever equipped to know what will look good and what won't.  

Don't get me wrong, I still make horrendous mistakes, often have bad-wardrobe days, and I still love to experiment (see my Style Icon post on Susie Bubble), pouring over each season's catwalks and each new issue of Elle magazine as much as the next.  But now my approach to something I fall in love with is not so much 'how can I wear that trend/ coat/ colour/ [insert as appropriate...]?', but more 'how can I make that work for me?'

So, for a R~A~J~E day recently, wanting to look smart, keep warm and feel great, I went for Autumnal colours that compliment my skin tone, and shapes I know I can wear with ease, balancing a body-con jersey skirt with a boxy blazer and cosying up in Dr Martens, a slouchy knit and a cashmere scarf.

A's WWW: Luxury Must be Comfortable

A's WWW: Luxury Must be ComfortableA's WWW: Luxury Must be Comfortable

A's WWW: Luxury Must be Comfortable

A wears // blazer and jumper: Topshop // skirt: Urban Outfitters // scarf: M&S // boots: Dr Martens //

Top tip: cashmere is always good for feeling super comfortable and about as luxurious as you can get.

A  x

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