Saturday, 4 January 2014

Blogs In Brief

The first Blogs In Brief of 2014 goes over the R~A~J~E approach to New Years, revisiting resolutions and thoughts from the past week.

This week we have been taking some well needed time off. Spending hours simply reading or meeting friends for coffee has felt entirely indulgent (and at times very naughty!) but it's also felt very necessary.

After a long and relaxed break hitting January felt a bit violent. Suddenly 2014 was ahead of us and all the big plans we made now need achieving. Never daunted by a challenge though we have geared up, set resolutions and kicked off the new year doggedly determined to make it a success.

This Blogs In Brief shares our New Year musings from the past week:

It's A New Year

R~A~J~E New Year's Resolutions

Hope you're all enjoying a wonderful weekend full of food, friends and time off.

R x

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