Saturday, 18 January 2014

Blogs In Brief

R goes through a summary of the posts this week in the regular Blogs In Brief.

This week has been rather a full one and I've reached Saturday feeling utterly worn out, rather gross looking and in need of a good holiday! Good job my Favourite is taking me to Stockholm next week (more on that later this week). Anyway, after the fabulous blogs over here at becomingraje, highlights from the Golden Globes and the rather wonderful Ms Moss's birthday I'm sure you've had quite the week too. So why not sit back, cuddle up with a cup of tea and read through our delectable Blogs In Brief.

Taking A Step In The Ethical Direction

Eating Out As A Coeliac
                                    A's Wedding What We Wore
I hope you enjoyed flicking through the best of becomingraje. With E flying off to Paris and me to Stockholm in the next week make sure you check back for some European based blogs. The questions is, what wins for you - mainland Europe or Scandinavia?
R x

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