Thursday, 30 January 2014

Clinique To The Rescue

The lovely A discovers beauty's worst kept secret and extols the virtues of excellent customer service.

Until very recently I've been a self-confessed dunce in the beauty department.  It was only early last year that I set about establishing a beauty regimen, something my female friends (and some of the male ones too) had sussed out long ago.  I finally backed down and admitted that there might just be something to all those lotions and potions, and got myself into a very good routine of cleanse, tone and moisturise.  

This worked wonders for my skin, and me and my new skin were very happy for a little while.  But something wasn't quite right.  I resolved to get the experts involved.  Rather than haphazardly choosing products that looked good or got great reviews, I would put my skin in the hands of someone who knew best.  

A few weeks later, after Googling skincare brands, even looking up Harley Street dermatologists, I found myself at the Clinique counter of Bentalls.  I wish I could remember the name of the lovely girl who served me, but I am sure they are all as wonderful as she was.  She listened to me, heard what I had to say, but did not pander to me.  I'm still thankful that she did not succumb to that useless old adage of the customer always being right; we are not.  I though I had dry, eczema prone skin, wrong; I have oily, eczema prone skin.  Whole different ball game.  

She prescribed the anti-blemish solutions 1-2-3 step products, and recommended I use them for six weeks to see how they worked with my skin.  She even offered to refund me if the products didn't work.  

After two months of using the products, the difference in my skin was visible.  Where I had been experiencing almost constant severe oily breakouts, these were now clearing up, and there was left only the occasional spot.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Cleansing Foam

Step 1: Cleanse
The cleanser foams, and cleanses in a light, gentle way.  It cleans but doesn't dry the skin.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Clarifying Lotion
Step 2: Tone
The toner closes up the pores nice and tight, and also contains a mattifying agent, which prevents any unwanted shine.

Clinique Anti-Blemish All-over Clearing Treatment
Step 3: Moisturise
This is the stand-out product.  This is the first moisturiser I've ever used which hydrates my skin without clogging it.  It is a whole new feeling, and one I shall be delighted to become accustomed to!  It also provides a lovely even finish as a base for make-up.

Clinique All About Eyes Cream
I also indulged in some eye cream.  I've been told time and time again to start using eye cream early, so as to avoid wrinkles creeping up on me, so I thought I'd be a good girl and do what I'm told.  This one seems to be doing the trick, it feels dead refreshing and is completely grease-free.

Clinique's 1-2-3 Step Anti-Blemish Solutions

So, there they are; my miracle products.  I still experience breakouts, but I am pretty sure that's down to consuming inordinate amounts of sugar, fat, and alcohol over the festive period.  So, as soon as I've finished eating my Christmas chocolates, I shall be limiting my sugar intake once again and I expect to see an improvement in my skin.

Clinique has long been hailed as a skincare holy grail, and I'm not sure why it took me so long to try it for myself.  But now I have, I can safely say that they deserve their reputation.  The products work wonders, their service is impeccable, and their staff really know what they're taking about.  By anyone's standards, that's a winning combination.

A x

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