Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Eating Out As A Coeliac

E explains how easy eating out as Coeliac can be - you just have to know where to go!

When I first started eating out as a coeliac I admit I found it to be a terrifying experience - I was always scared of not being able to eat anything on the menu. Every time a friend suggested a meal out I would go into panic mode trying to think of restaurant suggestions. 

Thankfully, with many trials and a few errors eating out is now an easy and enjoyable experience for me. It helps that there are loads of great restaurants about that have coeliac friendly menus!

As a rule mexican restaurants are good - their cuisine is naturally adaptable to the gluten free requirements as dishes can be made using corn or rice instead of wheat wraps.

Asian based restaurants are also a good option - you can always have rice or rice-noodles as an alternative to egg noodles. They also use different types of flours - like tasty chickpea flour. Helpfully dishes are usually cooked fresh so you can easily request for a different ingredient or sauce.

Here are some well-priced, High St restaurant where your guaranteed to eat well on a wheat free diet, so, get dining! 

Growing up I would always steer clear of any Italian cuisine - I assumed I wouldn't be able to eat any of it's wheaty goodness! But Carluccio's are great, with a predominately pasta orientated menu they have made it accessible for all you gluten- free eaters out there with an entirely gluten free menu. Oh yeah, GF's can eat Italian style now too.

Have helpful little 'GF' initials next to all the Gluten- Free food on the menu means you don't even have to ask for separate one at Las Iguanas. Handy!

Wagamamas have a sleek dietary filter on their online menu that's great for a pre-meal browse. Just make sure you click 'cereals' on the filter, under that are any grains including wheat and gluten that you won't be able to eat. With plenty of rice noodle and rice based meals there's a wealth of GF friendly dishes for us to enjoy!

I hope I've managed to shed some light on eating out as a coeliac and shown how easy it can be. Please do let me know any of your great GF discoveries, tweet or Facebook us on @RAJEdesign.

E x

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