Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Garment Spotlight // Dark Knight

Following our Take A BowGo To PrintDream On, dresses and the ShipwreckedGrrAnchors Away Tee's - J continues with a more in-depth perspective of how the R~A~J~E début Adventure collection was created.  Next up is firm favourite Dark Knights:

As I've already confessed in my 3 favourite garments post, the Dark Knights top is my favourite piece in the collection. I know, I'm not supposed to have favourites but I do, so there.  Maybe because it's a true representation of how R~A~J~E works; together.

Dark Knights Top

You see, the Dark Knights top is the result of a combined effort; the batwing sleeve (from which it gets it's name) was first drafted by A, then in a brainstorm session between myself and A, we added the extrapolated bow shape created by the contrasting fabric panels, and refined the finish and fit. The fit of all of our clothes is so important to us, as is the understanding of how different clothes can accentuate or play down your natural shape. This is not always immediately obvious, but luckily all of our garments have a bit of an explanation around them to help you out! 

The Dark Knight is an all-rounder. The silk panels widen your back, evening out any bottom heavy Pears and Skittles by adding width to your shoulders.  The crop-top style means that it shows off the small waist that the Hourglass shape boasts, and finally, for those top heavy shapes such as Vase or Lollipop the panelling on the front flatters rather than flaunts your chest.

Together with R & E we decided on the fabric & print combination. To be honest, we had a bit of a hard time narrowing them down!

We eventually deciding on a soft navy jersey and the Silver Linings silk. A more delicate version of our Silver Linings TShirt print, it embodies a sense of hope, finding beauty when things seem to be an expanse of grey, and hints at the things of dreams and potential opportunities.

Dark Knights Top

Click the link for more information about Dark Knight.

Available to order on our website and Etsy in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

J x

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