Wednesday, 1 January 2014

It's A New Year

J shares some thoughts on the year passed and the year ahead. 

New Years

I’m not entirely sure where this year has gone. I know that’s unforgivably cliché, but really, for us at R~A~J~E it has been a bit of a rollercoaster whirlwind of a year. That being said I do feel that we are leaving 2013 a little bit wiser, a lot stronger and just as much full of love.

One of our core beliefs within R~A~J~E is about people - believing in our customers, in the people we work with and the people we communicate with. This belief stays real because it comes from a constant source of inspiration, from the people who we are blessed to know and love. 

This eclectic group of people are never scared to chase after their dreams, to instigate something remarkable, to stray from the ‘safe’ route, to be true and supportive and be exactly who they are. 

Sometimes when the road gets tough and I wonder why I’m not on a deserted beach somewhere beautiful, I realise it’s because I’d be missing these people, their insights and the memories that inspire you to go and achieve something wonderful.

Taking a reflective moment, as we generally do at this time, I want to say, from R,A,E and myself, a big thank you to you all who have been so supportive of us so far and I hope you will continue to do so in 2014, we’ve got bigger things planned, and we’ll be sharing it all with you.

J x 

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