Thursday, 23 January 2014

R Goes To Stockholm

R is being treated to a trip to Stockholm and she is very excited (if a little nervous about the impending cold).

I've mentioned my Favourite a few times on here. He's my rather wonderful boyfriend who, after three years, I still have to stop myself from talking about all the time. Anyway, I'll save the mush for Valentines Day. The reason I bring him up is that one of my Christmas presents from this lovely man was a trip to Stockholm - we fly on Friday! After initial confusion when I unwrapped an actual swede on Christmas day I have spent the last few weeks getting very excited, and very organised for our trip. 

One short browse on AirBNB, one order of hand warmers, one purchase of ear muffs, one purchase of a shearling coat, one afternoon spent creating a travel journal and a lot of squealing later and we are just about ready to go. 

My new 'Cold? Pah, what cold?! Shearling coat' found buried away in a vintage shop. 

I'll be posting the aesthetically pleasing parts of my trip on Instagram and Tweeting all about how I really should move to Scandinavia. 

R x

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