Thursday, 16 January 2014

Taking A Step In The Ethical Direction

Something that has been on my mind more than ever recently is the idea of living cleanly and ethically. On visiting a friend the other day I noticed that every product in her kitchen and bathroom was from a natural or organic range. While at the time this barely registered, as I got home and sat down with a coffee it set off a chain of thought that I cant now stop. 

I used to be entirely dedicated to living cleanly, I bought Paraban free products, ate organic foods and considered my carbon footprint in every decision I made. However, while I still carry my bag for life everywhere, my dedication to green when it comes to my beauty and my housework has depleted somewhat. And do you know why? It's so expensive! 

When my hard earned money has just about stretched to cover rent, Council Tax, Scottish Power, Internet, Phone etc the little that remains for food, household necessities and make-up doesn't go far enough to pick up the Ecover cleaning materials and organic beauty products. 

But then, I don't apply this logic to my clothing. I don't shop in Primark or other budget brands. I consider my clothing choices carefully and choose the most ethical option I can. If I am going to buy a dress I would rather pay more and know it will last longer and leave less of a cost on the earth then save money while costing the world, and the people who made it more. 

So, what's my conclusion? What did glancing my friends organic lifestyle trigger in me? After a brief guilt trip I have set some new resolutions along with the underlying promise that I will not be disappointed in myself If I can't always achieve 100% green credentials. It's hard to shop ethically and yes, it's expensive, but it is the most important cause today. 

You know all those charities? Cancer Research, NSPCC, Marie Curie etc, the ones that send goats to impoverished families, the ones that provide clean drinking water. Well, all those causes only matter while we can still call earth our home. All of these causes are just a shadow of the urgent need to ensure our planets future. The fashion and beauty industries are two of the most glamorous, beautiful, creative and innovative but they are also two of the most damaging and poisonous. The recent deaths caused by Primarks production line are only the tip of the iceberg. Read around a little, look at where your clothes were made and for a moment think about the cost of designing, producing and shipping that garment. How much did it cost you? Does it add up? 

I'm not trying to guilt trip you or myself, I'm not telling you to only buy clothes from People Tree but I am urging you to consider your purchases more, just like I will continue to do. 

We as R~A~J~E are entering the ethical industry to provide a further design led option for morally minded consumers, why not enter it with us? Visit our website here.

R x

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