Monday, 6 January 2014

WWW: R Goes Back To Her Roots

R clashes prints for a midlands based R~A~J~E day

From the age 7-19 I lived in Bristol and, since moving away, I have attempted to rid myself of nearly every semblance of "Bristol style". For a city clinging desperately to their Ugg boots and body warmers this was a wise decision. However, there is one type of Bristol style that I will love always and forever: the-trainer-wearing-oversized-and-crazily-printed-tee-donning-skank-to-dubstep look. 

Some days when a pencil skirt seems like too much of a challenge and I'm feeling very off-duty I will revisit my roots, grab some kicks, throw as many big and patterned layers on as possible and head out. This is not a look that has translated up North yet so I do get some weird looks, but screw it, I was a Bristol girl once. 

Top: Textile Collective at Urban Outfitters // Skirt: R~A~J~E // Shoes: Nike Airs // Watch: Skagen // Rings: Vintage

Wearing my new Textile Collective oversized Tee with the R~A~J~E 'Make Mine Booty-ful' skirt. Paired with my Nike Airs this was a relaxed look for a happy day. 

R x

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