Sunday, 16 February 2014

Blogs In Brief // Loose Moves Special

A brings us up to speed with this week's Blogs in Brief.

My oh my, what a week!  It's been eventful here at R~A~J~E having packed in our second Loose Moves party (a riot), E's birthday (we ate, we drank, we ate more and we drank more), Valentine's Day and of course, the start of Fashion Month.  For more on the various Fashion Weeks, come join us over on Twitter.

Although slightly higgledy piggledy, we have not neglected the blog.  Here are the highlights.

A Zatchel is for Life, Not Just for Christmas 
I wax lyrical over the benefits of investing in a good bag, and have my heart firmly set on Zatchels. 

R has a few words to say on the ever-controversial Valentine's Day.  What's your stance?

We partied until the early morn with those Loose Wires at the second Loose Moves Party and here are the photos to prove it.  For more on this and for regular R~A~J~E updates check out our Facebook page.

Hope you're all having a gorgeous weekend.  Make sure you take a minute to muse over a cup of tea or cuddle a coffee before we head into another week.
A x

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