Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Garment Spotlight // Fantastic and Freakish TShirt

Latest in the garment spotlight series, we look at this very special TShirt; Fanastic and Freakish.

Today we are sharing with you another of our garment spotlight posts, where we explain a little of the inspiration and design work that went into each R~A~J~E piece.  Today’s star of the show is the Fantastic and Freakish TShirt.


Fantastic and Freakish, part or our Unisexi Collection of TShirts, will add a touch of the dream world to your wardrobe as mythical creatures make their way across your chest. Best worn by girls and boys.  

A lot of the design inspiration for our Adventure Collection came from scouring old books and maps, imagining ourselves in the stories and traversing the foreign lands.  One of the particularly delightful elements of old maps are the strange creatures.  We took this idea, along with the lines of latitude of a map, and created our own design with mysterious beings including comical penguins, dragons and mythical creatures.  We incorporated along the lines, some of R’s writing which captures a certain romance ‘creatures fantastic and freakish, map my world, map my heart...’  So let these magical creatures wend their way across your heart with the Fantastic and Freakish TShirt.


This deep maroon colour will compliment Autumn’s best, but deep Summer’s will wear it well, as the print is soft.


As with all our UniSexi TShirts, Fantastic and Freakish is produced in Sweatshop-free factories by American Apparel in downtown LA, in the good old US of A, and printed with water-based inks in the UK by I Dress Myself.  For more about our ethics, check out our website.

Fantastic and Freakish TShirt
Available in: S, M, and L
Body shapes: can be worn to suit any body shape
Colourways: Autumn; Summer
Made in the US and printed in the UK 

To find out more, or to get your hands on your very own Anchors Away TShirt, head over to our website or our Etsy shop.

Check back soon for the next garment spotlight post very soon.

A x

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