Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Garment Spotlight // Perfect Crop

A delves into the design process that drives what we do here at R~A~J~E.

One of our core beliefs at R~A~J~E is beauty.  We are committed to creating garments that are things of beauty, as well as working beautifully with our body shapes, skin tones, and wardrobes.  We invest in and enjoy the design process, working with each other to achieve the best end product possible.  

The Perfect Crop top originated from our shared love of crop tops. With E and I both being bottom heavy shapes (big up those hips), crop tops work nicely to balance our ample hips.  With her nipped-in hourglass waist, R revels in a crop top and J uses them to accentuates her slight vase waist.

With this in mind we created a crop top that will flatter a multitude of body shapes.  Based on a simple t-shirt shape, it's easy to wear and will fit into anyone's wardrobe.  Detail comes in the form of the intricate, but ever-so-subtle bow pattern of the silk panels.

R~A~J~E Perfect Crop top

A little crop top like this calls for a delicate print design, so we used the Alice design, based on R's sketches inspired by the Alice in Wonderland stories.  Alice lies, dreaming, not knowing where her adventures might take her.  We like the idea of dreaming for a while every now and again, of letting go a little and seeing where life takes you. 

R~A~J~E Perfect Crop top

R~A~J~E Perfect Crop

Perfect Crop top
Available in: S, M, and L
Body shapes: ideal for skittles, pears, and anyone looking to show off or create the illusion of a waist!
Colourways: Autumn and Summer
Printed and made in the UK

Available to buy on Etsy and the R~A~J~E website.

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