Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Garment Spotlight // Spin Me Round

Next up on the Garment Spotlight series is the Spin Me Round dress. A firm favourite now, but not before it caused us a little trouble. J explains how the dress grew from an idea to reality.

Spin me round started life very differently than how you see it today, originally starting out as the ‘Hourglass dress’. Being pretty envious of the Hourglass body shape I wanted to design a dress that showed off the graceful curves that have been made so famous by the beautiful Marilyn Monroe among other gorgeous icons.

The great thing about jersey is that stretch that it has means it can cling as well as drape. This allowed me to make a dress that isn’t revealing but the tight fit allows the true silhouette to be really seen. Hidden in amongst the rest of the Adventures Collection, the first version of this dress had some pretty complex silk repeated bow shaped patchwork panelling work across the hips. After numerous attempts of trying to getting the panels straight, to sit on the hips the way I wanted it to and making sure the silk didn’t pucker I admitted that I might have to go back to the drawing board. 
Many trials and errors later, returning to the Take A Bow’s inspiration from the kimono and echoing the Twirl the Day panels the bow shape was placed on the back and draped around the front to create the design that was eventually taken forward into the Spin Me 
Round dress of today’s collection.

These curved panels not only flatter those natural god given curves of Hourglasses and Skittles but also create the illusion of curves for shapes like Columns - their even 
proportions are a huge benefit here!

Once the design was confirmed we got to play with the different fabric combinations. The intricate stormy clouds which are so delicately picked out of the grey by the purple line print tell tales of more epic adventures, being lost at sea in amongst storms and high winds. The contrast of the deep navy against these pale Clouds print is a combination I still can’t get enough of.

J x

Click the link for further information about Spin Me Round.
Available to order on our website and Etsy in sizes Small, Medium and Large, £60.

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