Tuesday, 25 February 2014

LFW AW14 // Fashion International

A and J discover the up-coming global design talent at London Fashion Week.

J and I were delighted to attend the multi-designer show Fashion International last weekend.  One of the off-schedule events that happen as part of London Fashion Week; Fashion International showcases new design talent from all corners of the globe. 

The AW14 show included 7 collections, ranging from deconstructed casual wear to red carpet ready gowns. 

Milusha London's collection was a parade of fur.  Stylish and refined, Milusha cleverly avoided any ostentation by keeping it simple.  The colour palette was tasteful, not often the case with fur, and the silhouettes were tall, strong-shouldered and feminine, with an (unconscious?) nod to Gucci.  Looking luxurious, exotic, and unquestionably beautiful, we just hope it was responsibly sourced.

Schwari took us right back to the 90's, complete with brightly dyed leather, Navajo tassels and embroidery galore.  Engaging women of the Massai tribes in the production of the clothes, this is a collection with a great concept.  Sadly, however, the result isn't all that wearable, unless you happen to be styling Shakira's latest video.  

Aakasha showed our favourite collection of the night; an exercise in deconstruction.  The Rei Kawakubo influence was noticeable.  The female figure was draped in layers of blacks, greys and creams, creating lovely intangible silhouettes.  A hint of 90's grunge was thrown in with thong necklaces, footless tights, and barefoot models.  Perfect if you've been wishing Domingo Rodriguez did womenswear.

Aga's collection inspiration this season is the French Baroque, but one feels it's lost some of the opulence, the colour, and has ended up something of a poor, Gothic relation.  This collection seemed destined for those girls at high school who think they're too cool for prom, will only wear black, and might just have watched a little too much sci-fi for their own good.  Saying that, there were some lovely knitwear pieces.

Omar Mansoor presented a glamorous series of gowns and jumpsuits in black, white and a red.  Some very stylish jumpsuits, in elegant lines, but a few too many corsages for my liking.

House of Mobe presented a collection of two halves.  The first, a slightly baffling mix of evening tailoring and tangerine-white combos, with one gorgeous orange shift.  The second, a stunning, very exciting collection of 'Heidi goes to the future' ensembles.  Delicate leather mesh-work cut in super-cute cropped dungarees paired with red satin shirts.  Honestly, we'd both like one of those dungarees for our own wardrobes.

Yuvna Kim, the finale of the night, showed a dramatic, opulent collection of lace, pom poms, and floor sweeping skirts.  The bodysuits looking a bit Russian gymnast, but gorgeous nonetheless, and the dresses wouldn't look out of place on the red carpet.  Saving the best til last, the final outfit was a lace bodysuit with an enormous tulle bustle.  Kim has brought the bustle back.  And we love it.

Thanks again for having us, Fashion International.  It is indeed a pleasure and a privilege to see upcoming fashion talent from across the world.  Looking forward to the next season.

A & J x 

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