Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Me And Social Media

J shares her slightly mixed feelings on social media and how she gets her head around it.

Confession time: I have a love hate relationship with social media. 

Coming from a member of R~A~J~E that probably sounds a bit odd as we rely heavily on social media to raise our profile outside of our immediate amazing family and friends. Generally speaking, social media has become the ‘norm’ both on a personal level and professional. But I do have friends who swear off all social media, reducing their internet needs to email, googling, reading blogs etc. Some days I think this is very sensible idea, I start considering if I should delete/disable my accounts - but having a brand that is largely self-promoted means this isn't really an option.

Also, I genuinely think the internet and social media are wonderful inventions. The origins behind ‘the internet’ was about creating a sharing platform for ideas, experience and knowledge, and the creation of social media sites adhere to this: sharing elements of your life with your friends, family and the wider world.

I guess my issue with it all is how much of yourself do you put 'out there' particularly with sites where anyone can follow anyone. I consider myself to be a friendly person, but this is when I am face to face with people. On social media I'm quite reserved, I have relatively few Facebook friends and have 'rules' on who I accept/request to expand that number. I also have both Twitter and Instagram, which aren't private accounts, because I like the premise behind it all: sharing is caring!

As I said, I conduct myself reservedly, especially from the R~A~J~E accounts, I'll share exciting news about R~A~J~E, or a photo of 
my nail art that day that I am particularly proud of. But not so much about my family, my relationship, my friends. Because anything out of context can be misconstrued and because in some ways I am selfish - not wanting to share with the world the incredible moments in my life. 

Unfortunately though, the beautiful part about social media is in fact the 'social' part and like actual life you only get out of social media what your put in, so by holding back am I reducing all that I could get from it? All the brilliant things I'd be missing out on, that incredible new animation video which is mind blowing, keeping up to date with breaking news, or missing the chance to meet a new blogger, dancer, musician or actress to get to know and collaborate with?

Luckily, I have three very enthusiastic business partners to help guide me through these treacherous waters, R, A & E, who never seem to tire of telling me to ‘just get over it’. And as this week proves, with an order on its way to our very first Australian customer, it is so worth it.

How do you navigate the social media world?

J x

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