Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Carrying Your Life in Your Bag

J shares valuable knowledge on how to carry your life in your bag. 

Confession: I have a somewhat a nomadic lifestyle.

Since leaving Uni and setting myself up as an independent-cosmopolitan-Londoner I have largely indulged in the carrying your life in your bag approach to my social life. Whether that means numerous weekends away visiting family or nights out on the other side of London. A lot of people would probably recoil in horror at this, in fact I have a very good friend who will (unless on holiday) get home no matter how many night busses or taxis it takes. I however, will very happily accept the kind offer of a friends sofa over travelling for hours, in the dark, by myself.

Admittedly this approach does require some flexibility and clever planning. So, this is My List of Nomadic Essentials:

- A big-small bag to carry all your belongings, I have numerous big-small bags that embody the Mary Poppins technique, the key is to not look like a pack horse.

- A scarf, sunglasses and an umbrella. English weather is unpredictable and being prepared is just common sense.

- Makeup remover - the humble makeup wipe is key. No-one is ever going to take you seriously if you look like Alice Cooper at work. And lets not scare any children when they are on their way to swimming lessons on a Saturday morning shall we?

- Make up - obviously. If you wear makeup everyday don't kid yourself, the few times I've gone au naturel at work I've felt just that little bit more self conscious all day, which is exhausting, but a flick of eyeliner and mascara does a lot.

- Miniatures: I LOVE miniatures. Moisturiser, deodorant, perfume atomiser - they are SUCH God sends, plus they stop you smelling like someone else's shower gel (which can be oh so disconcerting).

- Oufits require pre-planning, If you think there is a chance you might not come home till morning, take a spare pair of pants with you. Don't even debate it. Clean pants are important. Jersey tops are also a saviour here - they can be mixed and matched with most bottoms from the day before and even the most crinkled jersey will drop out by 10am (no-one really looks at each other until then anyway)! Finally, shoes - they must be walkable for over a day or be prepared to carry a lot of plasters.

J x

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