Thursday, 13 March 2014

Garment Spotlight // Twirl The Day Away

Our lastest Garment Spotlight Post takes a look at the Twirl the Day Away dress, where J let out her not-so-inner flower child.

Welcome back to our series of garment spotlight posts where we delve a little deeper into the inspiration behind each R~A~J~E garment. Today's post is about our Twirl the Day Away dress.  

Similar to Spin Me Round, Twirl The Day Away has been knocking about for some time now, in fact I think it was the first dress I designed for R~A~J~E. Originally, it was inspired by day dresses of the 70's, the vest-like top half flows out to a flared skirt embodying the connotations of a free spirit flower child. When it came to planning the Adventure collection I just couldn't bare to leave it out. 

Linking the adventure collection together is the bow shape that was inspired by the traditional kimono silks used in the original Take A Bow - so I let myself get a bit playful with the bow shaped silk panels. Eventually we settled on letting the dress follow it's sisters (Take a Bow) lead by keeping them on the front and playing with proportion.
We at R~A~J~E love a booty and are big fans of a bodycon silhouette, but we wanted to design a dress that has a bit more freedom and movement and so this flirty, frilly design happened! 

All too easily, looser fitting garments tend to look a bit bin-bag-like so I was keen to make sure that this dress still made the wearer feel special and still showed off their beautiful curves. Vase, Lollipop or Cornet are all top heavy shapes that wear this dress beautifully, the wide neckline and stretchy jersey accentuates the neck rather than bust, the use of silk panels accentuates the waist, and the flared skirt creates a balanced bottom half. 

Once the design was decided on we moved onto the fabric combinations which were, as always, a different sort of battle. We wanted the colour to be bold to ensure that any connotations of it being a Baggy-Bin-Bag-esque dress were totally eradicated, and the peacock blue jersey definitely does that! This bold jersey colour allowed us a bit more flexibility with the silk choice, we just wanted to make sure that we kept the silk light-weight so that it complimented the soft drape of the jersey. 

Eventually the tiger print was decided on - another recurring feature of the Adventure collection. It was the intense colour combinations of silver tigers in amongst the purple and grey inky background along with that striking blue that we all fell in love with.

J x

Click the link for further information about Twirl The Day Away.

Available to order on our website and Etsy in sizes Small, Medium and Large, £60.

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