Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How To Wear A Scarf

Inspired by the Burberry Prorsum catwalks, A shares her top tips for styling scarves this Spring season.

You know that space under your bed that you stash, what... shoes, your gym kit, Christmas presents...? I have scarves.  I exaggerate not - ever since my stint in the accessories department at M&S, I've had a serious accessories addiction.  Burberry's AW14 shows have given us accessories lovers the excuse we needed to wear scarves with everything, to anywhere, and everyone else a previously un-felt urge to wrap something (anything!) around our neck.

Knowing some struggle with these floaty outfit-finishers, I feel an almost evangelical need to share my knowledge, so read on and learn just how to wear your scarf this Spring.

The Neckerchief
For those wanting a refined nod to the trend, and for the smarter lady, or gent, among us, this is a classic and easy to wear style. Just pair with a crisp shirt for a dashing look, or a Breton stripe t-shirt to gain an air of the artiste. Tip, if your scarf is too long, just wrap it a few times before tying the know (as in the left-hand photo).


The Nautical Knot
Another smart way to wear a scarf, this neatly knotted style adds a nice nautical splash to a look. Also perfect for pairing with a hybrid 80's-90's style power suit; high-waisted trouser, unbuttoned silk shirt, and a loosely tailored blazer. Strictly for grown-ups.

The Lady
Daintily draped across the shoulders and fixed with a scarf clip, this is one for all you Sloanies.  Alternatively, mix it up with a bomber jacket, ripped, baggy jeans and trainers for the perfect retro hip-hop look.

The Loose Knot
Not letting the boys have all the fun, I've whipped this one straight off the Burberry Prorsum Mens AW14 show, and have worn my scarves like this most days since.  It adds a touch of elegance to elegance to any outfit, but with a laissez fair attitude.  For that extra ounce of "I don't care" nonchalance, let one side fall just off the shoulder.  

The City Slicker
This styling always makes me think of a city banker (imagine rush hour on the Waterloo and City line), and I used to wonder at the usefulness of an un-knotted scarf.  How times have changed! I now feel naked leaving the house without a scarf, my outfit screaming out for that finishing touch. Works with any style of scarf, so make it work for your own personal style!


The Casual and the Cozy 
Take a small, a regular, or an oversize scarf and wrap it either loosely or snug around your neck.  Et voilĂ !  This is the ideal style for scarf virgins; easy as pie and bang on trend. You can thank me later.


The Oversize
Inspired by Jourdan, Cara, et all marching down the Burberry catwalks this LFW, I feel license to wear my scarves as big a I can find them, and so should you!  Great for fans of layering, and perfect for adding interest to a simple and sophisticated ensemble. For those blessed with evenly balanced figures (yes, you Hourglasses and Columns), feel free to go the whole hog and add a belt. 

The Blanket
Or as I like to think of it, my mobile duvet; perfect for those days when you don't want to leave your bed behind.  Also ideal for throwing casually over your shoulder on those Spring days when it's just that bit too warm for a coat.  I've been alternating between hanging it off one shoulder, pulling it around both shoulders for extra cosiness, but could also be worn belted.

Belted up
The great thing about this trend is that you can achieve it by raiding your existing accessories stash.  You're bound to have at least one scarf and belt combo that will do a sterling job.  Play with your options and have fun discovering what works for you.

If for some unimaginable reason you're not possessed of a scarf, your nearest charity shop is likely the best place to pick one up, and failing that M&S always have a good selection.

A x

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