Sunday, 2 March 2014

I Blame The Crackle // Nails Inc

The R~A~J~E girls put Nails Inc. manicure team to the test and they pass with flying colours.

It being all cold and miserable and all, it was decided us R~A~J~E girls needed a treat.  Commandeering our scheduled working day in the fair city of Birmingham, we treated ourselves to manicures and Italian food.  We booked in, all four of us, for mini-manicures at the Nails Inc salon in House of Fraser.  Having never had a manicure, I was a little unsure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised and very impressed.  From start to finish, the nail technicians were friendly and welcoming, accommodating our indecisiveness, giggles, and all, in fact, they were a pleasure to spend time with.

The manicures themselves were brilliant, all executed to a superb standard, and looking fantastic.  Watching the technician at work, I even picked up a few tips for when I do my own nails.

Now no longer a manicure virgin, I can honestly say that they really are worth the money, if done well.  They experience was relaxing, enjoyable and sociable, and the results were fantastic.  I shall definitely be doing this again on special occasions, and I think usually with friends.  But then again, most things are better with friends, no?

R kept it classy with 'Porchester Square' a subtle, greige gel effect polish.

I went for the slightly controversial 'Hampstead Gardens', an almost tan shade of yellow.

E went for a Summery blue with a highlight of  'Bankside Modern Art' sparkle.

J went for a lovely teal blue and mixed it up with a very exciting feather effect in 'Cornwall' highlight.

Don't they make a pretty sight?

A x

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