Friday, 28 March 2014

Pins of the Week // Time To Relax

R takes a guest spot for this week's Pins of the Week and shares a hard life lesson. 

I'm happy to say that over the past two - three weeks I have really, honestly and truly learnt the value of letting go and relaxing. 

All at once every responsibility in my life was asking more of me than normal, this resulted in what some would call a near meltdown - I fondly referred to it as a stress attack. Anyway, many tears, even more shaking and a lot of headaches later I finally learnt to stop, breathe and let go. A combination of my Favourite's wisdom and support, yoga and some serious thinking led me to conclude that nothing in the world was worth feeling like this over. So, I cut back. I cancelled meetings, re-arranged social events and simply created more time for myself. Three weeks on and I am feeling my old self again, refreshed, renewed and relaxed. And you know what? My cancelling things has only resulted in positivity and strengthened relationships. 

This is a lesson I am glad I have learnt and hopefully the images below will help me, and you, cherish it for as long as possible. 

Wishing you all a very peaceful weekend. For more pins check out R~A~J~E on Pinterest and follow our daily insights on Twitter.

R x

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