Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Where I Want To Live

R addresses her nomadic desires and outlines her home hit list. 

I don't, nor will I ever, understand people who live in one place for their whole lives. I'm not saying I want to spend my life forgetting my responsibilities and pretending I'll never grow up in South East Asia, but I do have serious trouble getting my head round living an entirely static life. I moved from Cardiff to Bristol and then to Liverpool and each city has taught me something new. Travels around Asia and Eastern Europe have opened my mind and much time spent working and living in London has showed the meaning of a cosmopolitan culture. I often find myself disagreeing with people who stoically defend their hometown, I'm sorry but just because you live somewhere doesn't make it beyond fault! Each city, town and stretch of countryside has something new, wonderful and shaping to offer us and I for one plan on discovering as much of it as possible. 

Here is my bare minimum must-live-here-or-I'll-die-unhappy list:

New York City

Self explanatory for the most part but something about the sheer size, economic swing and political power of the place is an irresistible draw for me. I can't call myself a city girl without getting my head round NYC now can I?


My heart is already in London with the majority of friends, my business and many opportunities being there. I'm not ready to live there yet but it's where I see a large chunk of my life playing out, I don't think I could have chosen a finer city really. 


Tokyo has fascinated me for a long time now and I'm dying to spend enough time there to really feel like I've got a hold of it - I've heard this can take years but I think I'm up the challenge. 


I fell in love with this city of scandic beauty last year. It's the closest to Utopia I think you'll find in Europe. The Danish approach to life and community is something I would love to immerse myself in. 

Poonah and Deli 

Being Anlgo-Indian the appeal of exploring the country and getting in touch with my history is easily understood. I am also captivated by the huge power this struggling country is beginning to garner. That, and the food.

Will I get to live in all these places? Who knows! Maybe it'll be more, or non, or all of them. All I know is that I will do my darndest to shape my career to include opportunities to experience other cultures, work with a wide variety of people are be constantly challenged by our ever expanding global community.

After all, we're supposed to think outside of the 130,395 km² box right?

R x

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