Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Stylish Investment

E invests in a beautiful new piece of knitwear and learns the value of the wardrobe basic.

As one of my New Years' resolutions, I wanted to shop with the idea of building up my wardrobe of basic, good quality, stylish garments that are either UK made, vintage or sweatshop-free. So since January I've only bought from charity shops, or garments that are made in the UK.

I think something I've been learning is how essential the core of your wardrobe is. So whatever the season, you can layer and use pieces in different ways. 

A couple of months ago, a printed, cotton cardigan from Cos caught my eye. I waited a couple of weeks but I couldn't forget it, so I saved up and bought it. It's has an all-over graphic print on it and buttons at the back.  It's a great basic for me to invest in, as it's great for my summer skin tone, which means it will always suit me. It's also great as I can reverse it if I want it to look more cardigan like, or tuck it in. The options are endless! 

Find out about what colours suit your skin tone from our website.

So here it is – my new favourite wardrobe staple!

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E x

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