Saturday, 19 April 2014

Blogs in Brief

The weekly round-up of blogging highlights.

I won't keep you long.  As it is the day before Easter, and I can imagine you've all got plenty of family to be catching up with, eggs to be hunting and lamb to be roasting, we'll keep this brief.  So if you've missed any of the action here on the Becoming R~A~J~E blog this week, here we are to provide the highlights, so to speak.

Some Tips for 16 Year Olds
Sage words for the youth of today. We all remember being 16; it's deciphering the good from the embarrassing that's the tricky part

WWW // J And Her Outwear
J has an outerwear obsession, and with good reason!  Find out just why a good jacket can make or break an outfit.

A Stylish Investment
E invests in a beautiful new piece of knitwear and learns the value of the wardrobe basic.

Now I'm  off for a quick glass of grappa in the last rays of this beautiful English sunshine.  Happy Easter all.

A x 

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