Thursday, 10 April 2014

Carry On

R share some tips on what to carry on and what not

Saying I like to be prepared, would be putting it lightly. Travel is no exception to this and I have regimented system for the weeks approaching a trip, it looks a little like this:

- Research where to go, how to get there
- Compile travel journal with directions and to do list
- Print out all tickets and booking references 
- Write packing to do list for hold luggage and hand luggage

It may seem excessive, but I always appreciate it once I arrive at my destination. Anyway, back to the topic at hand - what to pack in your carry on. Here are my essentials:

-Reading material
-Currency (home and away)
-Scarf that doubles as blanket
-Pair of pants 
-Face wipes
-Solid perfume
-BB cream
-Cream blusher
-Hand cream 
-Snacks e.g. nuts
-Eye mask/neck pillow

Packing this will prepare you for most eventualities - lost luggage, delayed luggage, any skin emergencies and severe boredom. All while leaving space to pick up a few airport treats. Oh, and I've left headphones/laptops etc and I'm blissfully imaging we are all travelling on plush airlines with plenty of in flight entertainment (hey, a girl can dream!).

Anyone else have any travel essentials?

R x

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