Monday, 7 April 2014

Going Sugar Free

A glimpse into a sugar free life and some tips on getting started

Regular becomingraje readers will know that I live a mostly sugar free life. I have two treat meals a week and the rest of the time I avoid all processed, added sugars and am very selective as to my natural sugars. 

The #nosugar movement is gaining serious momentum. Articles have been appearing all over the Internet full of shock that actually the low fat diet is a unhelpful approach to eating and is in fact just a line spun by the sugar industry. Anyway, I'll let you read into that yourselves. 

To help out any of you considering going sugar free I thought I would condense some of the slightly overwhelming material on quitting sugar. 

Cupboard Essentials
Rice Malt Syrup
Coconut Oil/Ghee
Spelt Flour
Chia Seeds
Spelt pasta
Rice noodles
Almond milk
Gluten free oats

Reading List 
Clean and Lean Diet
Clean and Lean Cookbook
I Quit Sugar

Blog Reads
Honestly Healthy
Spoonful of Sugar Free

If you stock your cupboards with the above and have a browse of the books and blogs listed you will be well on your way to living a sugar free life!

Meal by meal try slowly swapping in sugar free ingredients to replace the sugar full ones. Once you're nearly there try a 10 day sugar free regime. I promise you, it isn't as hard as it sounds! If you're ever stuck for a recipe just Google it, or go on Pinterest - there is ALWAYS a sugar free option to your meal plan. 

Cutting out all sugars including fruit is an extreme way to live. But just cutting out processed sugars? Well I think that is a truly sensible way to live. Since going sugar free I have more energy, I'm in better shape and I enjoy my food more. I can't recommend it highly enough, but don't listen to me - read around, I promise you'll be intrigued. 

R x

*In case you were wondering, all of the above pictures are sugar free! 

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