Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tote Bag

R has finally found the perfect tote bag

My hunt for a tote bag has been something of an epic novel. There have been near misses, lost loves and passing fancies. 

Basically, all I wanted was a high quality leather tote. I wanted some form of fastening and a few inner zip pockets. It needed to have shoulder straps and absolutely no embellishment. It turns out that such a bag is nigh on impossible to find.

For example:

Yes = High quality leather
No = Big logo on the side, no inner pockets, no fastening

Yes = High quality leather
No = No inner pockets, no fastening 

Admittedly I have only provided two examples, but believe me, it took months of searching before I came across this:

Yes = High quality leather, inner pockets, inner leather purse, zip top fastening 

For the next to nominal price of £46 this leather tote bag fell happily into my lap. The lovely seller Dickson express shipped this to me (so I can take it with me to NYC next week) and before I knew it my long awaited tote bag had arrived. Inside you can see a brown inner silk bag which pops in and out, the silk bag contains a zip fastening, zip pocket and two drop pockets. 

What I'll take away from this? Independent is usually better and I should always check Etsy first. Speaking of, make sure you check our Etsy page

Have you got any handbag love stories?

R x

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