Friday, 2 May 2014

E's Nail Art Pins Of The Week

E helps us choose which nail art style you'll want this weekend

My pins this week have got me exploring some new nail art colour combinations and patterns. So if you're not sure what style would suit you, have look, I'm sure you'll find one you can't resist.

Some pretty polka dots have caught my eye for a subtle bit of colour.

Not got the patience to do designs on all nails? Go for the odd one out approach, choose a contrasting colour to help it stand out.

...Or go bold - use all the colours!

For a summery design, choose a couple of pastel colours and do a simple diagonal design like this.

Or you could go nautical with stripes and anchors, this may require more concentration though.

Polka dots look classy in neutral tones.

If your after something a little more snazzy, try some similar shades or colours with glitter to create a simple design that looks complex.

So no excuses now, pick your style and get your nails looking ship shape. To find these pins and more nail art, go to the R~A~J~E Blames The Crackle board. 

Happy Bank Holiday!

E x

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