Thursday, 8 May 2014


R explores Normcore and all its possibilities

By being entirely simple, understated and plain, could Normcore be the boldest statement that fashion has ever made? Now obviously we shouldn’t get carried away, but Normcore – or the trend for anonymous clothes, could well be the biggest change of direction we’ve seen for a while.

There’s a reason sportswear is looking more appealing, chunky sandals are calling to you and slouchy sweat tops are beckoning. To look un-done, is now the done thing.

Brash labels, branded accessories and attention seeking prints are a thing of the past, making way for muted colourways, sleek outlines and simple designs.

I for one am rejoicing in this dizzying about turn. Did you see me hunt for an entirely plain tote a while ago? I am all about the understated, less is more approach. Sure I have my days when only digital print will do, but on the whole, I’m a all-in-black, simple two piece, comfy shoe girl. As a result I am welcoming Normcore into the fashion vernacular, what about you? 

R x

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