Thursday, 1 May 2014

Who do you Dress For?

A question of style is always an important question - today we ask ourselves who it is we dress for 

Easy to ask, harder to answer. Who do you dress for? 

R - I can honestly say, as of about one year ago, I dress for myself. I used to allow who I was seeing affect my fashion choices but now it is entirely determined by how I feel and how I feel I want to look. It is liberating to say the least! Not caring about style, has improved my style three fold. Oh the irony. It would be stubborn of me not to admit that my Favourite was a large part of this transformation in approach, he loves me whatever I wear and that faith in my style was a huge confidence boost. 

A - By and large I dress for me, but I dress for the me that's doing that day. I dress according to how I feel that day, the place I'm going and how I want to be perceived. I dress to communicate the me I want to express. I also dress for comfort, to be comfortable in any given situation, in any company. This isn't foolproof, but if I'm dressed how I feel comfortable, saying what I want to say about me that day, then I'm off to a good start. 

J - First and foremost I dress for myself. I am the one walking down the street, sitting on the train or leading that meeting. Feeling good about my outfit helps me to be confident in my day-to-day life. Secondly I dress for my relationship - I am fortunate enough to have met someone who makes me feel beautiful and sexy every day. Whether I'm in stack-it heels and skinny jeans or PJ's. However I do make an effort for him and for us. I dress to feel good, then I am happier within myself and I can concentrate more on our relationship and we are stronger for it. 

E - I get my inspiration from films and photos I see - either with mood boads or Pinterest I remember key looks at let them inform my daily outfits. I dress for who I am and for the people I see - I try and reflect different aspects of my personality depending on my mood or the day planned. 

R x

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