Wednesday, 28 May 2014

WWW J and Texture

J does casual chic in our latest What We Wore post

I found this clam print blouse in the depths of the sale in Marks & Spencer, It's from the range that is usually frequented by our nearest and dearest Grandmothers - meaning that this is definitely a blouse and not a shirt. Having spotted the print from the other side of the rail no amount of 'old lady' was going to stop me. Falling instantly in love, it has helped me to create what is one of my more 'fun' outfits. It plays with the contrast of combined textures; a rough black denim skirt, the soft knitted cardigan against the smoothness of the blouse. Most of all I love that print - I can't help but think it wouldn't look out of place in one of those funny little boutiques off the Kingsland road. 

The midi 'J' ring was my Christmas present from R, she had initial rings made for all of us, beautifully simple but a bit on the delicate side of life so I'm particularly careful when I wear this one. The Zebra ring, well, he was a present to myself. 

Not one to be particularly daring with my makeup with my complexion, keeping things simple tends to be best. Today, I decided to go with smokey eyes, I always like how the dark contrast brings out the blue in my eyes.

So, as ever, my words of wisdom for the day (inspired by my unlikely find) goes down a bit more of a cliche route: 'Look for that diamond in the rough', 'Don't judge a book by its cover' and most importantly, 'Never underestimate a sale'.

Navy Clam Blouse: Marks & Spencer // Cream Cardigan: Gap // Boots: Office // Bag: Ted Baker //Leather Jacket: Vintage // Zebra Ring: Topshop

J x

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