Wednesday, 21 May 2014

WWW: A Smart-Casual Take on Trainers

A comes clean about her trainer addiction and suggests a simple styling solution

OK, I admit it, I'm a bit of a sneakerhead. Never one for doing things by half, my likes usually turn to loves and when I discover something I like, you'll not hear the end of it.  This latest was a slow burning love affair with an exquisite piece of design. A while back I fell in 'like' with these Nike Roshe Runs, and over the course of the next few months took to visiting them whenever the opportunity arose. I couldn't stop thinking about them; I was head over heals - excuse the pun. This was no young love, love at first sight thing; this was the real deal. After a very long time of total abstinence I indulged, and it felt good.

The Roshe Runs really are a fascinating piece of design. Conceived by Dylan Raasch, the design is inspired by the simplicity of a Zen Master, named a Roshi, and only contains that which is absolutely essential. The aesthetics are guided by visions of a Zen garden, the colours and shapes found therein. For geeks like me, the interview with the designer is over at How to Make it.

Nike Roshe Run

If you'd like your own Roshe Run's, Offspring has a very lovely selection.

Being a sneakerhead, I'll happily wear trainers with anything, and regularly do. I slob out in them at weekends and dress them smart enough for the office of a weekday. Today I paired them with slouchy denim, a slinky shirt and animal print for a textbook smart-casual outfit. Slicked-back or pulled-back hair keeps this look sharp.

If you struggle to style your trainers, I'd suggest this is a fail-safe formula; jeans, shirt, bomber jacket, big jewellery. Et voilĂ !

A x

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