Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A Gets Shirty

A confronts an addiction and waxes lyrical over the benefits of a good shirt.

I just realised I own over thirty shirts. And you thought you had problems! I had a revelation the other day and felt compelled to share it. The reliably instantaneous platform of Twitter allowed me to do so. But still, I felt unfulfilled. Had I really communicated the full impact of this truth? Had the wider world appreciated the fact that I own a lot of shirts? 

Irony aside, and regardless of whether you are interested or not, I will now expand upon this and attempt to understand why. Humour me if you will... 

Partly, I’ll admit, I am a hoarder. Not one of those crazy people you see on the TV who live in forts of decade old newspaper along with a family of mice no; just a very sentimental girl, who keeps convincing herself she’ll wear it again someday if she only takes up that hem, sews up that hole, dyes it black. You know, good intentions. But there must be more to it than that, I thought optimistically. And I think there is.

Where's my white collarless shirt from Fred Segal? It's my most capable looking outfit!
Shirts are what Grown-ups Wear
I have this enduring memory from when I was little of my Dad wearing shirts for work, and I think that association has stuck. Over the last few years I've unconsciously made the slow and steady transition from spending most of my days in some sort of t-shirt, to day-in-day-out relying on a shirt or blouse. It's almost like I've grown up. 

Shirts are Smart
A good shirt will smarten up any outfit. Jeans with a shirt is smart-casual.  A shirt and blazer means business. A pencil skirt and a neat shirt is killer.

Shirts are so Flattering!
Shhh, don't tell anyone I told you. But really, on those days you just want to wear your duvet to work, wear a shirt - preferably a slouchy one. Throw it on with a pair of culottes or palazzo pants and you'll feel like you're still in your PJs but you'll look super-smart.

Shirts say Everything
Shirts have been worn by anyone and everyone, since, I imagine, the invention of buttons.  They have been through innumerable incarnations throughout history, and represented so many iconic styles (the Mandarin collared-Beatles, the floaty blouses of the hippies, the buttoned-up Mods, the plaid-clad grungers...) that there really is a shirt for all seasons.

And considering I wear a shirt most days of my life now, I feel less guilty about owning so many. Maybe it's time to take stock of all those unworn t-shirts hanging around in my drawers!

If you have a clothing addiction, comment below or tweet us @RAJEdesgin.  We'd love to hear from you.

A x

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