Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I Blame The Crackle // Shellac Issues

How to prolong your Shellac manicure by J.

Shellac has really revolutionised my approach to manicures. As I do a lot of my own nails I'm always a bit hesitant to fork out £12-£20 on something I can do at home. Sure its a luxury experience, but I work my hands hard, and so they often chip within a day or so. Shellac on the other hand is TOTALLY worth the slightly more expensive fee. Lasting up to 3 weeks, without a chip in sight (!) although, you do have to tackle the issue of choosing a colour you aren't going to get bored of for 3 weeks. 

The minor down side, is the issue of the colour growing out. By the end of week 2 your nails have grown and you end up with a fairly sizeable gap between the colour and the nail bed. Here is my tip of how to get the most out of your shellac manicure:

As you can see, there is a notable gap between my lovely sparkle emerald green and my nail bed (1). A way to combat this is to simply fill in the gaps (2). Seems simple enough, but it does take a steady hand, especially when you are using your non-writing hand. I chose this equally lovely gold for a contrast, but you could also use a high density sparkle to create an ombre effect. I then completed the revamp with a matte top coat (3). Don't be afraid of painting over the original colour, a simple effect top coat can prolong that emergency removal run to the salon by a week or so!

I'm already planning my next shellac adventure, what about you?

J x

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