Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Sexism Goes Both Ways

R address the sexism surrounding the World Cup

This blog post is the one and only time you will see mention of the World Cup on becomingraje. It's not that we all hate football, in fact A is quite the fan, it's just not what we like to talk about. However, I want to briefly address the few articles I have seen from women my age declaring their sudden interest in football after seeing the men on say Spain's team. 

I am very comfortable with calling myself a Feminist. I understand people shy away from the terms thanks to its negative (bra burning) connotations but with a third of this world's women becoming victims of sexual abuse, I'm not sure this is an option anymore. I believe in equality of the sexes, I believe that women should be equally represented in the European Parliament, UN, FTSE 100, in the Houses of Parliament, in the NHS and in sport. 

I will not pretend to know anything about football, but I do know about sexism. I suffer it everyday. I know that women playfully saying they will now watch the World Cup just because there are attractive men in it is nothing but damaging. It may be just a small thing, just a click, a share, a pass of the phone - but if we are viewing men in that way, if we are watching something just because we find the contestant attractive and not judging them on their talent and skill. Well. We may as well go back to the 50's and call it a day. 

No one, whether male, female, Caucasian, Black, Asian, disabled or physically impaired deserves to be judged purely on their appearance. 

"Women might be moving small stones, but if enough pebbles are picked up, together we will redirect the flow of the river." Laura Bates

Refraining from commenting on Gerard Pique's appearance may seem like a small stone, or pulling up your manager on calling you "Dear", or letting your daughter play with the toy sword. But these small stones are exactly the things that will eventually turn the tide. 

So whether you're watching the World Cup or doing your best to ignore it like me, when we're talking about it, lets call a stone a stone - they are football players. Female, male, black or white - their skill on the field is all that matters right now. 

R x

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